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Woman starts shooting gun at Dallas Love Field airport and is shot by officer!



Police shoot woman who fired gun at Dallas Love Field Airport - NBC2 News


A woman opened fire Monday morning at Dallas Love Field airport in Texas before she was shot by an officer, police said. No one else was hurt in the incident, and the woman was being treated at a hospital, Dallas Police Chief Eddie Garcia told reporters during a press conference.

The 37-year-old woman arrived at the airport at around 10:59 a.m., Garcia said. After walking inside near the Southwest Airlines ticket counter, she went to the restroom, came out wearing different clothing, possibly a hoodie, and began to fire a handgun, Garcia said.


BREAKING: Woman Fires Gun at Dallas Love Field Airport, Police Shoot Back –  PJ Media


Police do not know where the woman was aiming, but Garcia said that shots were fired at the ceiling and police have recovered several rounds.

Footage taken from passengers and staff in the airport shows the moment the airport began lockdown procedures. 

The airport is no longer under lockdown. A spokesperson for the FAA said that Southwest planes en route had been held under a ground stop following reports of the shooting. The ground stop is scheduled to be lifted by 1:30 p.m.

H2-OH NO!! I'm a flight attendant

NEXT time you are feeling thirsty on a plane, you may want to hold off asking for a cup of water. Flight attendants have revealed that passengers who ask for the drink are their biggest pet peeve.


Flight attendants have revealed why they hate being asked to fill people's water bottles during flights



Flight attendants have revealed why they hate being asked to fill people’s water bottles during flights. Responding to a post on Reddit, the flight crew members revealed that people asking them to refill their personal water bottles is becoming annoyingly common.

One described those passengers as “selfish and cheap” and explained that there is only a certain amount of water on the plane. They said: “I’m mean. I tell them I can give them a cup of water and they can put that in the bottle themselves and if I have extra water by the time I’m done with service I’ll bring them more.

“It’s so selfish and cheap! Sometimes we are cutting it close with the water and these people want the entire bottle.



I'm a flight attendant - here's how to get an upgrade to first class

“If I have the mini bottles that’s what I give during service to get out of those requests.”


Another wrote: “Any time someone would ask me to, I’d fill it halfway depending on the size and tell them I still need water for the rest of the plane.”

A third flight attendant questioned the logic behind waiting to get on the plane before asking to have their bottle filled, especially when there are so many chances to do it in the terminal. They said: “My question is always why didn’t they just fill it in the terminal?

Spider Monkeys Pull Girl By Hair!

Viral Video: Spider Monkeys Pull Girl By Hair After She Repeatedly Hit Their Enclosure


The girl was lucky to escape with her hair intact. She managed to set herself free from the monkeys before the footage ended.



In a horrifying incident, a young girl was recently grabbed by her hair by two spider monkeys after she kept hitting their enclosures at a zoo. 

A video, which was initially shared on TikTok, showed the girl approaching the monkey enclosure with her phone in one hand and the other swinging towards the fence keeping the monkeys at bay. Moments later, one of the monkeys is seen reaching through the chain link fence of the enclosure and pulling the girl towards them as she screamed. A boy is then seen pulling the girl away from the spider monkey. He is also seen swinging a t-shirt at the animal in an attempt to get it to move away. Luckily, the girl manages to get free. However, that wasn't the end as seconds later the girl walked right past the monkeys in their cage again and ended up close enough for them to grab her by her hair once again. At this moment, a second monkey is also seen reaching through the fence and grabbing the back of the girl's hair. At the end of the clip, the girl was lucky to escape with her hair intact. She managed to set herself free from the monkeys before the footage ended. The location where the video was recorded is yet to be known. Meanwhile, visitors are warned to not touch the bars of animal cages at the zoo. Even if the animals seem fine, getting close to them isn't always a good idea. Case in point, a while back, a man almost had his leg broken after teasing an orangutan. In another incident, a zookeeper in Jamaica had his finger ripped off by a lion after he poked his hand through the bars of its cage. 

100-pound sailfish leaps out of water, stabs woman on boat off Florida coast!

A 70-year-old woman was stabbed by the bill of a 100-pound sailfish that leapt out of the water and attacked her as her companions were trying to reel it in on a boat near the Florida coast, authorities said.

The sailfish stabbed the woman from Arnold, Maryland in the groin area with its pointed bill on Tuesday while she was standing in the boat as two companions tried to bring it in on a fishing line about two miles offshore from Stuart, Florida, according to a report from the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

The companions applied pressure to the wound, and the woman was taken to Stuart for medical treatment.

The woman told deputies that the attack happened so fast that she didn't have time to react, according to the sheriff's office report.

Fishing in the Florida Keys

Fishing for sailfish on April 18, 2013 in Key West



Sailfish are among the fastest fish species in the ocean and, like the swordfish, are recognizable by their extended, pointed bills. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says they are "known for their fast runs, acrobatic jumps and head-shaking attempts to throw a hook." The largest sailfish caught in the state was 126 pounds, but most anglers release the fish when caught.

Sailfish are the fastest fish in the sea and can reach speeds of 68 miles per hour, according to National Geographic.

The largest sailfish ever caught was 11.2 feet long and weighed 220.5 pounds, according to Oceana. They live primarily near the surface of the ocean, but can dive up to 1,150 feet to find food.

Comedian Craig Robinson's Active Shooter In Club!

A man allegedly crashed a comedy club, insisted that everyone leave, and he later opened fire. It so happened that comedian Craig Robinson was going to perform there that night.

Officers in Charlotte, North Carolina, identified the suspect as Omar James McCombs, 36, Employees at the Comedy Zone in the AvidXchange Music Factory told the outlet a man stepped inside while waiving around a gun Saturday night. He insisted everyone leave, they said.



There were about 50 customers were inside and dozens outside, the outlet said. Cops said that McCombs allegedly opened fire after the evacuation.

Cops did not announce any injuries.

“I heard there were people running out, even some of our coworkers couldn’t get in,” Serenity Sanders told the outlet. “They were confused. A lot of chaos. I’m glad it wasn’t bad, people could still come out to the factory and enjoy their time out.”



Robinson said in a video posted Saturday that there was an “active shooter.” They had to run to a concert, he said. A woman-off-screen sad, “They got him.”

“Thank you to the Comedy Zone security and staff for getting us to safety quickly,” Robinson said in a new statement to Instagram. “Thank you everyone for your outpouring of support and well wishes. Thank you CMPD for swift action in apprehending the shooter. Hopefully he gets the help he needs. Thanks be to God no one was hurt. Please stay safe everyone.”

Ray J & Wendy??

Wendy Williams on If She's Dating Ray J | BlackSportsOnline

Fans of Wendy Williams know that recently she’s been having a hot girl summer, but what’s up with her recently going out on the town with her much younger and handsome celebrity friend Ray J? Recently Wendy hinted at having a rendezvous with Lamar Odom and dinner with Gary Owen but is Ray J on the menu? That’s what fans immediately thought when they saw photos surfaced of the two celebrities meeting up in Manhattan this week.


Wendy Williams, 56, almost slips out of top in new photo as star boasts Ray  J 'treated her to lunch'


The TV stars both wore face masks as they cuddled up together, while Wendy described Ray J as her "little brother" because she "is close to his family."

She wrote: "Guess who's treating me to brunch? He's very cute & very married."



Bobby B @ The Red Table

R&B legend Bobby Brown will join the Red Table Talk show, joined by his wife Alicia, and will speak about his addictions, controversies that have followed him for decades, and the tragic death of his son Bobby Brown Jr.  During the sit down, Brown will also reveal who he think is responsible for the deaths of his ex-wife Whitney Houston and his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. The hit series, Red Table Talk, is hosted by Jada Pinkett Smith, her 20-year-old daughter Willow, a leading voice for her generation, and her old-school mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris. Each episode is shot at the Smith’s family home where these three passionate and opinionated women bring their unique perspectives to real issues affecting real people. Red Table Talk is filled with honest, intimate, and inspiring conversations on topics impacting each of our lives.

RTT 403 Thumbnail credit Red Table Talk Facebook

Black Panther Honored On Netflix!

Viola Davis And More Praise Chadwick Boseman In Trailer For New Netflix Documentary


When Chadwick Boseman passed in August 2020, it came as a shock to the Hollywood community and fans around the world. The late Black Panther actor chose to keep his four-year battle with colon cancer private as he became a Marvel superhero. Throughout his career, he has also delivered an unforgettable round of performances such as Jackie Robinson in 42 and James Brown in Get On Up. Boseman’s work as an actor is now being honored through a Netflix documentary.


The trailer for the streaming service’s special Chadwick Boseman: Portrait of an Artist sets up the documentary by sharing some interviews with some of his Hollywood collaborators. The movie looks to be focusing on his career in terms of what he brought to a movie set and how knowing him impacted his peers. The 90-second trailer features a handful of actors, such as his Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom co-star Viola Davis, who says this about Boseman:

"You know you have to step up when you’re in his presence. He’s looking at your work and he’s really hyper focused on the craft, on the process. That’s Chad."

Viola Davis also worked with the actor on 2014’s Get On Up as James Brown’s mother. She apparently would always call Chadwick Boseman her “baby” after working with him on the biopic. The actors are now being recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for their leading roles in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom in the Best Actor and Best Actress categories, respectively.


At the Golden Globes, Chadwick Boseman nabbed a posthumous award for the Netflix movie in the Best Actor - Motion Picture Drama category. During the ceremony, Boseman’s wife, Taylor Simone Ledward, delivered a heartfelt speech in his name. The movie from George C. Wolfe is nominated for five Oscars ahead of the late April ceremony.

Chadwick Boseman: Portrait of an Artist looks like it will offer an inside look into his performance in the Blues film, as Glynn Turman and Taylour Paige, along with director George C. Wolfe and composer, arranger and music producer Branford Marsalis, are all involved in the documentary. Additionally, Danai Gurira of his Black Panther family said this in the trailer:

"He’s thinking about every part of the world he’s in. And how it all becomes the truth."

Along with the Okoye actress, Chadwick Boseman’s dialect coach Andile Nebulane is also involved in the film. Ryan Coogler is currently preparing to start filming Black Panther 2 this summer without Boseman, nor casting his replacement. The writer/director has opened up about the hole that will be left behind without Boseman, and some fans have called for the actor to be recast in order for the Marvel character's legacy to live on following Boseman's passing.

Portrait of an Artist will also reportedly feature Spike Lee, Denzel Washington and Phylicia Rashad when the documentary hits Netflix on Saturday, April 17. The movie will only be available on the streaming service for a 30-day window. Boseman will also be up for his post-humorous Oscar on April 25 during the 93rd Academy Awards.

DMX Livestreamed On Youtube!

DMX fans will get one last chance to honor the late rapper at a public memorial service Saturday. The "Ruff Ryders’ Anthem" singer, whose real name was Earl Simmons, died at age 50 earlier this month after suffering a heart attack. He was placed in the critical care unit in New York’s White Plains Hospital, where a source claimed he was in a "vegetative state." Following the musicians’ death, a public event is set to be held at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Saturday, April 24 ahead of a private funeral at a New York City church scheduled to take place the following day. DMX will be honored at a public memmorial service ahead of his funeral. Although it is considered a public event, it was announced on the rapper’s Instagram that health restrictions in New York will prevent anyone except close friends and family from physically attending the memorial. However, it will be streamed live on DMX’s YouTube channel at 4 p.m. ET. Then on Sunday at 2:30 p.m., BET will broadcast a homegoing celebration live on its YouTube channel. Simmons' family previously confirmed news of his death in a statement eulogizing the singer as a "warrior who fought till the very end." DMX'S ex-wife, Tashera Simmons, left, and his fiancé Desiree Lindstrom embrace during a prayer vigil outside of White Plains Hospital, Monday, April 5, 2021, in White Plains, N.Y. Supporters and family of the rapper DMX have chanted his name and offered up prayers outside the hospital where he remains on life support. The 50-year-old was admitted to the hospital following a heart attack.


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